My program ended three weeks ago and its been a nonstop backpacking trip since then. However, I miss Brazil, its people, and portuguese a lot. I have been in Buenos Aires for the past few days and much colder here – the people are as well. This is why I miss Brazil. Every chance I have had to interact with a Bazilian has been a refreshing opportunity to interact with perhaps the people with biggest hearts on the planet. Just last night, my buddy and I bumped into a couple from Rio outside of dinner and a simple hi turned into a 20 minute conversation about randomess.

This has not even happened to me in Buenos Aires yet. The people and its culture are radically different than any other country I have been here. The stereotype of the stubborn Argentine is true but after a 5 minute history lesson on their culture I understood why. B.A is an amazing city and once you get beyond the attitude of its people its not bad. Argentines are cool and Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with a European twist to it. The women know how to dress really well and the men are always screaming about some soccer related news. Oh, and I have had the best steak of my life here.

Nevertheless, I cannot stop thinking about Brazil. After my trip, I went to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Rio was basically my vacation of the year because I was getting drinks and partying every night. Sao Paulo has been one of the higlights of my year long trip and I expected it to be. It is three times bigger the NYC and considered the cultural and economic capital of South America. I spent 4 days visiting musuems and photographing one of the coolest cities that I have ever been to in my life (I havent been to many though ahah). Maybe I will move there one day. My experience of living for 3 months in the Amazon also gave me a unique insight into Brazilian culture. Brazil is a super diverse country with any social issues that need to be urgently addressed as it becomes an economic superpower in the world. The problems of the Amazon, in my opinion, are focused too much on the wrong causes. The ¨problems¨ are not in the Amazon, they are largely a result of Brazil´s integration into he global economy. Of course, some problems stem from within the country itself but a look at the bigger picture reveals a whole other story. A story which is not being told and instead twisted to misinform the masses.

Tonight, I head for Patagonia on a 20 hour bus ride to photograph the Southern Right Whale…this is a huge deal! I am not prepared for the cold but its okay.