I have to write a 25 page paper by tomorrow on the research I have done in the past 4 weeks. This ain’t easy. But it really helps when I start to talk or think about my post program plans. Here’s the list.

  1. 6 days in Rio de Janeiro – Capiranhas all day
  2. Sao Paulo/Porto Alegre for 7 days
  3. Montevideo (Uruguay) and Buenos Aires for 12 days
  4. Patagonia/Chile for 3 weeks
  5. Bolivia for 2 weeks
  6. Peru – Machu Picchu (again)
  7. All the cool shit Im gonna do in NYC when I get back!
  8. Moving into my apartment in Vermont, seeing the peeps I am living with, AND finally get my pet lizard after years and years.
It’s cool how am just as excited about NYC as I am about my travels in South America. I am always reading about the creative stuff that’s happening in NYC and it reminds me how it’s the greatest place in the world to me. I am excited about this new park called the high line, exploring ALL of Brooklyn, hitting up AMNH, and grubbing on some Halal food w/ whoever I am hanging out.
Okay reminding myself of all the cool shit I will and have been doing has gotten me excited like I wanted too. Now I can finish this paper because it’s what’s standing between me and my fun.

ALIFEstyle like no other.