Dam I am super duper tired like an ant who has been carrying an apple around for 27 hours. I payed way too much dough to get to the airport so my pockets are crying right now. It feel’s weird being here. It has not hit me yet. I feel confused and strange because of the language barrier. The last time I faced this issue was when I was Germany for 2 months but I had someone taking care of me. This time I am at it alone. It’s incredible how beautiful Brazilian women are. After spending so many months in developing countries like Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia I can’t help but feel out of place. My home for the past 7 months has been spanish speaking countries where I could easily connect with the people and learn the culture. Obviously I face a new challenge now in Brazil. I have to    admit, I do not feel prepared. The good thing is that I don’t expect a huge culture shock. For some reason, I don’t feel excited. Here is why I think so.

  1. I am very very tired.
  2. I overpacked and do not like to do so.
  3. I regret not reading more on Brazil prior to coming or begining my Rosetta stone language program.
  4. Oh, and the two gifts I have for my family homestay broke!

I think I will feel better after getting some rest and giving some stuff away. I have way too much stuff…I like rolling light like a paper ball.