I am 5 minutes away from getting on my airplane to Ecuador. I am pretty excited because I know what to expect. I like that I’ll be arriving at night too. I’ve decided to not stay in Quyaquil (the biggest city in Ecuador) and go back to my home town instead (Milagro). This is going to be fun because I can remember as a child how exciting the car ride from the big city to my small town was. The drive passes by a lot of cool towns and the beaten up highway. I know the smell and climate of the country will bring back many memories.

This is the first time I am going to Ecuador on my own. It’s also marks a change in attitude in how I feel about the country. Every other trip (besides the one to the Galapagos) was a family vacation. In other words, I had to go to Ecuador and it was not because I wanted to. I was always restricted to my small town and I’ve barely seen any of the country. I have one month to explore the entire country before my program starts on September 20th. This week I am going to go whale watching and travel all around the coast. I can’t wait to start using my camera.